Provision of Islamic content

Islamic content consists of information that provides education and entertainment to Muslims as well as non-muslims. It can be in the form of Visual content which ranges from Images, Video and Infographics that provides an appealing and impressive message to listeners, and Islamic Written Content which is text-based. Islamic content is based on the following key facets; Hadith – these are the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

Adhkar – Remembrance of Allah.
Dua – Supplications to Allah.
Ayaat – Verses of the Holy Quran.
Qaswida – Melodious Islamic tunes.
Nasheed – Islamic Non-Musical content
Khutbah – religious sermons by various Imams.
Qiraat – Quran recital.

This content can be used for entertainment and educative purposes by telecom companies as either Caller Ringback tones or Premium rates service via daily SMS or Downloads.