Preparation of financial reports  and Expenditure Verification Services

We provide financial report preparation services using an approach and methodology that is consistent with generally accepted auditing standards world-wide and we focus on understanding our client’s operations, identification of risks, and developing an approach that specifically addresses these risks. We specifically plan to provide our clients with value-added services as part of the exercise. We work together with our clients to develop a plan to ensure that we cover all the areas that require specific attention.



We undertake the preparation of the accounts on a monthly basis. This involves determining the accounting system to be used for the preparation of the accounts. The tasks involved include: –

  • Entering the transactions for the month in the cashbook in accordance with your procedures.
  • Posting all the transactions to the general ledger
  • Producing a trial balance based on the above postings and
  • Preparing the monthly financial statements. The financial statements are prepared and submitted to you in the 15th working day of each month.
  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • Bookkeeping using modern accounting packages.
  • Preparation of final accounts in compliance with I.A.S and IFRS.
  • Preparation of cash flow statements
  • Implement and evaluate internal control systems

We also perform non-routine services such as correspondence and meetings with statutory authorities and handling queries on behalf of our clients.



Tax Service

Our aim is simple: to minimize your tax liabilities and to ensure that you comply with your legal and statutory obligations.   We provide tax services to Companies,  public sector bodies, individuals, donor-funded projects, and non-profit making organizations. Our tax practice can provide you with comprehensive tax advice: from solving tax problems to helping implement tax-efficient planning strategies, and from ensuring compliance to helping you to maximize the return from your transactions and investments.

Our Tax Services include:

  1. Business Tax Planning and Compliance.
  2. Personal Tax  Planning and Compliance.
  3. Tax on Transaction.
  4. Employer Tax Services.
  5. International Tax Planning.
  6. Tax health checks and planning



Internal Control Systems Review and Set-Up

Internal Controls enhance risk management and increase the likelihood that established objectives and goals will be achieved. We provide assurance services on controls through reviews to ensure that an organization has good controls built with a firm foundation to support a culture of good performance and accountability, all of which form the basis of our objectives.

We also provide set up services where we design and set up an internal controls system for organizations. We work together with the clients to develop internal control systems to ensure that we cover all the areas that require specific attention.


Training services

Our training areas include the following courses:-

  1. Finance for non-finance managers
  2. Financial planning monitoring and evaluation
  3. Financial analysis and management reporting
  4. Personal Finance Management
  5. Internal Audit
  6. Development of Business Plans



Business Valuations

The only true measure of the value of a company small or big is what a buyer is prepared to pay for it in the open market. However, there are a number of occasions where a reliable opinion of value is required based on an informed assessment of the available information, in-depth knowledge of the sector in which the business operates, and the application of relevant valuation methodologies. A valuation may be required for guidance to board members on commercial transactions or other strategic decisions; regulatory or fiscal reasons e.g. in share transfers; and in providing independent measures of value in support to litigation or dispute.

Our team of valuation experts includes individuals with practical commercial experience in negotiating valuations for the purpose of raising finance, making acquisitions and disposals, as well as individuals with extensive experience in providing the detailed reports that are likely to be required.

Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of business sectors.